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Management Consultancy and Business Analysis

Aquae Vitae

Malcolm J Greenaway

Malcolm is an Management Consultant with forty years experience and leadership in Information Technology gained from working in a wide variety of environments, covering insurance, computer, financial, manufacturing, property, consultancy and defence industries.

Using his wide business and technology understanding, Malcolm brings a powerful combination of creative and critical thinking to all his work. During his career, all major projects ranging up to £500 million have been completed on time and to budget. He has advised on strategy, non-financial risk, information management and technology implementation with senior executives of many top companies.

Malcolm is using his past involvement in property deals involving major hotels, private hospitals, airfield, nursing homes and residential developments to act as a Dealmaker. He is a person skilled in using his intuition, processes and expertise in selling, negotiation and communication, and ablility to adjust the balance of power to bring closure to transactions to the benefit of all.

Effective Consulting

For effective consulting to be achieved, it is essential to follow these fundamental objectives:

Aquae Vitae Consilium provides management consulting by meeting these fundamental objectives.